COSTAMED is a Territorial Marketing Program, promoted by the same E.E.I.G. mentioned below, which aims at putting the Mediterranean Sea at the center of its operations, making it again a “cradle of civilization” and a model of ethic sustainable development, to contribute to the Peace process in the world.

COSTA MED E.E.I.G. is a European Economic Interest Grouping based in Malta.

Currently the actual members of the COSTA MED E.E.I.G. are:

 LIBRA People Company P.L.C. – with headquarters in Malta and offices in Italy, New York and Beirut, holding company specialized in real estate/bio-building and Information Technology

INNOVAZIONE & PROGETTI S.R.L. – with registered offices in Palermo and offices in Rome and Milan, a joint-stock company owned by the above group leader and operating arm in Italy
Mark&Frank Limited – with headquarters in Malta, Consulting specialized in Territorial and Technological Marketing and Business Development Assistance at International level

Francesco Strafalaci is the General Manager as Legal Representative;
Nino Calogero is the Delegate for the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) development project.


COSTA MED EEIG has promoted a special PPP – Public Private Partnership (see form) in which many other qualified organizations and companies have already joined and have accepted to become Partners and share the challenge of this important mission.

Among them we find:

ROBIN MIND School of Ethics and Economy, based in Palermo, organic to the company LIBRA People Company plc, which has the task of managing the financial resources from the various Profit activities of the Programme to use them entirely in solidarity projects with a TRANSPARENT method, as well as promoting ethical models of “public governance” and a new culture of legality in young companies

CONSULPROF EEIG is another European Economic Interest Grouping, also based in Malta, set up with the specific task of supporting the design and institutional interfacing aspects of the COSTAMED Programme of Interventions

DESIGN INTERNATIONAL, since its inception in Toronto (Canada) in 1965, has been known for its innovative and industry-leading designs. Building on its early renown in retail design, they have grown into an internationally recognized architectural practice. They are expanding the offer into new and exciting areas such as hospitality

KALOSNETWORK IFM Limited – Consulting specialized in International Relations and specifically responsible for giving the COSTAMED Program an accreditation at the highest level both at Government level and at major public and private institutions (O.N.U./UNHCR, ROTARY New York, etc.)

MAGNA GRECIA – Italian and American historical Foundation that operates in the field of Culture and historical promotion of the Mediterranean, through special workshops, as well as enhancing the roots that gave birth to important personalities in the world coming from the so-called “Magna Grecia” and that have distinguished themselves for their public and / or social role in countries that welcomed them and made them grow

ROTARY CLUB of NEW YORK – Club No. 6, founder of the United Nations, through its delegate for the Brotherhood of the Mediterranean Peoples, supports the activities of the COSTAMED program to raise awareness among all Rotarians in the area to be proactive for the humanitarian causes related to it

IDA – INITIATIVE POUR LE DEVELOPPEMENT de L’AFRIQUE is a non-profit association based in Dakar (Senegal), recognized as a Permanent Observer to the United Nations ECOSOC Commission. It will be the spokesperson for the presentation of the new rewriting of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

SUGGESTIONI MEDITERRANEE – Cultural Association of the highest institutional standing, for having received more than three medals of recognition from the President of the Italian Republic, who has ascertained the “merit” activities in support of the cultural content of the events held and for the attention to the weaker sections of society