In the wake of the already existing international certifications of quality standards, COSTAMED also offers its contribution in the management processes of the structures of the new destination.

In the full awareness of promoting a new tourist destination COSTAMED, beyond the Mediterranean “location”, known for its enviable climatic conditions, for its food and wine delicacies, for its places of art and culture, proposes to the participants of the Partnership, to subscribe a special TOTAL QUALITY DISCIPLINARY to qualify with the best possible standard the related activities of tourist service to users as well as the structures that gradually will be upgraded, according to the rules below, which will give “in unicum” a ‘Seal of QUALITY‘of the highest value.

In order to qualify the activities of the economic operators that will join the Public Private Partnership, the EEIG COSTAMED will promote the knowledge of the following rules and, as much as possible, their full application:

a) for the realization of the STRUCTURES that are intended to be realized “ex novo” or that will be upgraded, the protocol of the American Green Building Council with L.E.E.D. Platinum certification will be followed;

b) for the MANAGEMENT OF SERVICES that will be provided to users, the activities that will operate in the services sector Hotels, B&Bs, farmhouses, marinas, theatres, museums etc. are invited to be certified through the adhesion to one or more ISO 9001/VISION quality systems;

c) compliance with the ENVIRONMENT means compliance with EMAS 14001 regulations;

d) for the respect of the workplace safety standards with respect to the OHSAS 18001 regulation;

e) as regards compliance with the rules on SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY, the regulations referring to the SA8000 standard for the salary treatment of workers, the removal of architectural barriers will be respected, as well as particular attention will be given to company profits to orient part of them towards real solidarity, through the use of the Ethic Sale of the Marketplace LIBRA Market of the Sharing Community LIBRA People;

f) lastly, in order to confer that additional innovative value and total safety of the environment, a new standard on HEALTH called ISHLE (International Standard Health Living Environmental) will be promoted, which will be coordinated and managed by the EEIG CONSULPROF of Malta, to which many private universities, research bodies, engineering studies, producers of new materials etc. are adhering.

This innovative, integrated and original TOTAL QUALITY Model will give all economic operators who adhere to the COSTAMED Quality System the advantage of being part of a network that will be made known and recognized to the most important Tour Operators for a better and more effective promotion of the “destination” and its success on the market as a “quality lifestyle”.