The COSTAMED T.D.P. foresees to want to establish a “table” with 4 metaphorical sides, so composed:

  • Institutional Side, composed of actors of the Public Administration. (Region, Local Authorities, Municipalities, etc.);
  • Academic Side, composed of Universities, Research Organizations, Foundations etc..;
  • Financial side, consisting of Investors, Banks, Credit Consortia etc..;
  • Entrepreneurial Side, composed of Economic Operators, simple or represented by their Bodies.

While the “table” of the Partnership will be given special “rules” of participation and carrying out of the activities, COSTAMED has hypothesised, and has had the comfirm that this “table“, can be assisted and controlled by a Guarantee Committee (CdG) which is composed of 5 representatives chosen from personnel no longer in service and belonging to the Armed Forces Units, the administrative and/or judicial Magistracy, with the intention of offering a calm “climate” and full compliance with the law, both for investors and for all participants.

In this context, COSTAMED has adopted the GLASS SYSTEM as a new form of 100% transparent reporting on the management of financial resources that it will administer, on the one hand, with regard to any public funding provided to economic operators and public bodies participating in any projects and / or interventions, as well as report all the Non-Profit part related to donations from the Member LIBRA People or other organizations and appoint for this purpose, the School of Ethics and Economy ROBIN Mind, in the context of promoting the ROBIN Prize to be awarded to the Best Public Manager to educate the culture of legality “practiced” and not only “announced”.