08/10 September – Inauguration 8th at 17.00 – Historical Exhibition “Peace and security: men, means and values from the second post-war period to date” and assignment of recognition to the memory of Sicilian aviators killed in Kindu.
Albergo delle Povere, Palermo – Exhibition opened from 08 to 10 September 2017

The exhibition was divided into three sections, dedicated to the three phases of evolution of the Peace Missions. There was awarded the prizes of the historical modeling section and two symbolic prizes to the families of the two Sicilian aviators who died in Kindu.
“First generation” area, this section includes references to all the operations and events that occurred during the Cold War and were completed before the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.
The “second generation” area in this section includes photographic and documentary testimonies that recall the new types of intervention, in which the military component weakens and is gradually flanked by more and more tasks of a purely civil nature (repatriation of refugees, humanitarian assistance, monitoring of the implementation of human rights, organization and monitoring of the proper conduct of elections or referendums).
A “third generation” area, this section includes video and photographic testimonies, which differ profoundly from the first two, in that the UN has much more extensive functions in order not only to maintain peace but to achieve it.

Representatives from the world of NGOs and reception took part in the event. Representatives of the Army, the Guardia di Finanza, the Carabinieri, the Guardia Costiera, and the Polizia di Stato. For the inauguration of the event, Dr. Nino Calogero, Co-Chair of the International Service Division Rotary Club of New York, was present for the humanitarian part of the COSTAMED project.

At the same time, the “VII Mediterranean Modelling Award” was held, formerly the “Baronia Trophy”, an international competition exhibition of historical static modeling.

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