The COSTAMED programme intends to remain an autonomous Partnership, and although it is participated by public and private bodies, on the one hand, it intends to become an attractive and organic investment opportunity for international Investors and at the same time a reference point for local entrepreneurs themselves, who will be able to enhance their activities, in the main economic sectors, among those considered priorities by the same Territorial Marketing Plan.

In this regard, in Sicily, as in seven other regions of southern Italy, Z.E.S. (Special Economic Zones) have been approved with the main objective of implementing a tax advantage and a bureaucratic streamlining that should encourage the same entrepreneurs and investors to activate new development opportunities, both employment and especially economic for the entire Mediterranean area.

To support this activity, the COSTAMED Partnership has programmed a series of initiatives in which, from time to time, both the public and private sectors can participate by adhering to one or more specific initiatives.

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