The COSTAMED Program is presented for the first time in May 2017, in collaboration with the Partner “ROBIN MIND School of Ethics and Economics” in coincidence with the G7 Summit in Taormina, and a symbolic counter-summit with the evocative title “G0 – International People Summit” is organized in Torretta (PA).

The strong symbolism of the date was meant to testify a different approach in wanting to face the planetary emergencies that indeed have been a prelude to the real motivations that we now fully find in P.S.T. COSTAMED for the inclusion of a series of initiatives, among them well connected and that give the real concreteness and contractuality to the various Partners that are gradually adhering.

Always wanting to continue with the symbolism of this approach to imagine a different “globalization” of the issues that afflict humanity, we continued with a second cycle of events connected to each other and which saw between 8 September and 11 September 2017, the epilogue of the initiatives dealt with.

In fact, day 8 at the Chamber of Commerce of Palermo began with the presentation of the revolutionary Platform to imagine a reference ethical market for the critical consumer.
The exhibition entitled PEACE and SAFETY, which received the Medal of Merit from the President of the Republic Mattarella, was held at the same time at the Albergo delle Povere on 8, 9 and 10 September.
In addition, the ROBIN Prize to be awarded to the Best Public Manager was presented on September 9 at the Palazzo delle Aquile at the seat of the Municipality of Palermo and the events ended with the closing day of September 11, the anniversary of the Twin Towers tragedy that gave the world a distorted vision of globalization.
During the final celebration, in the hall of the City Council of Palermo, in the presence of the main military authorities, there was a moment of commemoration for the victims of Ground Zero during which were read messages from the Mayor of Palermo Leoluca Orlando and the hero of the Fire Brigade of New York Dan Nigro (now Head of the Civil Protection of New York State) to enhance the G 0 (or even read Ground zero) and symbolically inaugurate a bridge between the Mediterranean and the Americas, in a “Generation.Zero” that can hope for a new approach to GLOCALIZATION as an element of sharing and never of separation.


Bearing in mind the “extra-ordinary” situation of the Covid19 , it has been prudently hypothesized that this Programme could be subject to variations, due to the still poorly defined evolution of the pandemic itself.

– By December 31, 2020, in the “smart working” formula and with possible “live” meetings, there will be further adhesions of the Partners who want to join the COSTAMED P.S.T. and with which it will be prepared a special request for Global Grant to be requested from the European Union for a co.-financing of the various activities included in the above mentioned P.S.T..

From the point of view of the public presentation of the COSTAMED P.S.T., beyond the individual initiatives included within the same, and which will convey the need to “fill” the related P.P.P. (Public Private Partnership) with new members, a first public moment has been hypothesized starting from next December 10, 2020.