The Mayor of Palermo Leoluca Orlando welcomed at Palazzo delle Aquile Dr. Mohammed Omar Ali Bin Haider, President of the Dubai Group bearing the same name, accompanied by the team and experts of COSTA MED E.E.I.G. and Dr. Zahed Al Battarni CEO in MOBH who prepared in agreement with the Mayor’s offices the visit of Ali Bin Haider.

President Bin Haider has announced that he has chosen the City of Palermo to give life and headquarters to a company (MOBH Holding Group MED) which he directs and which is part of the MOBH Group, and which is destined to be the Italian headquarters of the Multinational Company already present in 22 countries.

The Mayor expressed his appreciation for the attention paid to our city, which is increasingly attractive internationally for tourists, experts and protagonists of artistic and cultural activities and increasingly also for international investors, and noted “the importance of the choice of Palermo as the national and Mediterranean reference point for an entrepreneurial and financial group operating in various sectors and with over 60 companies.

The President Mohammed Omar Ali Bin Haider and CEO Zahed Albattarni and the MOBH team subsequently met the President of the Gesap Prof. Tullio Giuffrè and the President of the Port System Authority of western Sicily Dr. Pasqualino Monti, with whom the immediate possible synergies have been deepened.

At the end of his presence in Palermo, the President of MOBH Group greeted the Mayor Orlando at Villa Niscemi, thanking in particular Dr. Francesco Strafalaci and Dr. Nino Calogero of COSTA MED E.E.I.G. for the support given to his Group, giving the task of coordinating the visit to Dubai of a delegation from Palermo to be carried out immediately after the summer season.

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