September 8, 2017 – 3.30 pm “COSTAMED – Innovation and sharing economy to support integrated territorial tourism marketing” – Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Crafts and Agriculture – Chamber of Commerce, Palermo.


Innovation has never come about through bureaucracy and hierarchy. always arrived through individuals. (John Sculley)

A day of workshops focusing on the themes of territorial tourism marketing, exploring in depth the use of new tourism management tools and the promotion of new eco-sustainable technologies and innovative services such as those offered by the start-up companies LIBRA Market, Extrajob and Social Angel.

The first part of the event was attended by Dott. Francesco Strafalaci, General Manager of Costa Med EEIG and Arch. Vincenzo Antonuccio, General Manager of CONSULPROF E. E. E. I. G. to illustrate the entire COSTAMED programme of interventions.

The “Cavaliere” Giuseppe Cassarà, was invited to sit among the speakers and he intervened to express his appreciation for the whole program and to underline the support of the organizations represented by the same to the ongoing initiatives.

Prof. Auletta Nunzia, Professor Entrepreneurship Center IESA of Caracas, has been unable to physically participate in the works, sent a short video message that we offer you below


The second part was entirely dedicated to operational proposals supporting the programme:

  • LIBRA Market, presented by Marco Strafalaci, CEO & Founder, is the sharing community that implements the use of the complementary virtual currency (UR) at GLOCAL level (
  • Extrajob, presented by Claudio Battiloro, CEO & Founder, is the portal that brings together demand and job offerings, proposing its new version with new important services (
  • SocialAngel. io, presented by Giuseppe Egitto, CEO & Founder, is the virtual assistant ready to guide the user step by step to the conquest of social, to enhance the commercial activities on Facebook with a scientific approach (
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